Sun Fund Offers Access to Profitable Solar Assets

Sun Fund is building a portfolio of dividend-generating solar assets while also developing blockchain technology applications for the renewable energy sector, as well as cryptocurrency mining operations powered by renewable energy.


Solar is Growing

MILFORD, CT — Both emerging and developed markets, from China to America, are adopting solar power at a growing rate.

To understand world demand for solar: A gigawatt-sized solar power plantcan power about 700,000 homes for a year, producing about 7,700-gigawatt hours of power every year.

China is leading emerging markets with 27 gigawatts added, and people are adding solar everywhere: micro-grids, water pumps, mobile phone towers, you name it. In Africa, homeowners are even buying PV projects with financing arranged on their mobile devices.

Around100 million homes in emerging marketsare powered by new solar projects since 2016. That statistic alone could show that the solar industry is well-past its stigma of “solar doesn’t work without subsidies”. Indeed the increase in efficiency and decrease in cost of PV cells over the last few years is in large part driving the massive rollouts of solar projects,urgent necessity aside.

Despite the stunning growth of solar in emerging markets, countries such as the United States can be difficult to navigate due to bureaucratic barriers, differing regulations in each state with further restrictions and barriers put up by local electric utilities within each state. Sun Fund is accustomed to navigating those regulatory hurdles, having already developed 50MW of renewable energy projects in the US thus far, with 100 booked for 2018.

There are many renewable energy projects open to investment in the US. The challenge of the American solar market is for developers and asset owners to identify the most profitable geographies and market segments. Generally, smaller utility-scale projects along with commercial rooftop and community solar tend to fall on the more profitable side of the solar investment spectrum.

According to Bloomberg:

Despite many gains for solar, on average, countries are adopting solar less due to lower investment fumbling progress in formulating and executing viable policies. “..only two thirds (67%) have introduced feed-in tariffs or auctions to support clean energy projects, and just 18% have set domestic greenhouse gas emissions reduction policies. These detailed, technical regulations have proven critical to attracting private capital in developing countries and facilitating scale-up;…
China […] remains the worlds single largest market for clean energy development but saw new asset (project) investment fall by $36.6 billion year-on-year.Seven of the top 10 ranked nations scored lower this year than in the prior survey.Brazil, Jordan, Mexico, India, South Africa, Chile, Kenya, Uruguay and Vietnam comprise the rest of the top 10.
Sun Fund (in addition to developing a core portfolio of profitable solar assets) is developing a blockchain, Internet-of-Things platform that will help normalize and facilitatesmart contracts.

Smart contracts as recently as 2016 facilitatedmore than $100 million in venture capital projects in Q1 2016 aloneand that number has gone up since then.

Blockchain technology will allow individuals to fractionally or wholly invest in solar projects and receive a return – all with very low transaction costs and full transparency via distributed ledger.

In a solar project, the project developer builds out the solar project and the offtaker — such as a utility — receives the electricity generated. Smart contracts could increase the profitability of such projects byincreasing thespeed of adaptation, giving real-time updates, decreasing intermediaries and overall cost of solar projects.

Due to our vertically integrated business model, we reduce development costs and that means more sustainable dividends for investors. Our platform, Start Engine, is a member of FINRA and our offer is registered with the SEC.

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Our aim is that The Sun Fund token (Sunny) will evolve into an asset-backed token – with the Sunny being backed by a basket of mined cryptocurrencies and solar assets we develop as well as small fees associated with transactions on our Producer-to-Investor platform.

Sun Fund investors know that their socially responsible investment comes with the added benefit of our Socially Responsible Investment initiative, which will help bring electricity to communities in need in the developing world.

Sun Fund projects both reduce greenhouse emissions here in America and also bring power to underserved communities.

Earn an annual dividend with cryptocurrency upside as we forge the New American Energy Revolution, help communities in need and develop blockchain technology applications to make the renewable energy sector more efficient.