About Sun Fund

Sun Fund is Tokenizing the Renewable Energy Sector

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Sun Fund’sasset-backed cryptocurrency will be based on our proven, vertically-integrated business model of profitably-specified renewable energy projects.

These will expand a portfolio of projects integrated as an Internet of Things (IoT) growing the renewable energy sector world-wide, including solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and battery storage solutions.

We are located in Milford, Connecticut, in the United States and our Equity CF offer is SEC-registered on an SEC-regulated platform, StartEngine.

Our proven management, sound governance, and portfolio of renewable energy projects will position the Sunny as a truly asset-backed cryptocurrency poised to grow renewable energy via blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and an easy-to-use marketplace platform for investment.

One of Sun Fund's assets that will back The Sunny.

A picture of a Sun Fund project on Horace Street in Bridgeport, CT.

Our Performance

The Sun Fund management team has completed more than $50 million in profitable renewable energy projects since we started in 2014.

Our Renewable Energy Project Contribution

We are contracted to build more than 100 renewable projects for 2018. As investment becomes deployable, these projects are brought into the portfolio of renewable energy assets backing The Sunny. (See Updates at www.StartEngine.com/sun-fund-dc and scroll down to Updates.)

The Sunny: The Ultimate Energy-based Blockchain Cryptocurrency

The Sunny is planned to be a truly fungible digital currency that will also promote the worldwide growth of the renewable energy sector. Backed by renewable energy assets and small fees associated with transactions on our global Producer-to-Investor (PIP) Platform, The Sunny is planned to emerge as one of the world’s great cryptocurrencies.