Activist Investing

Activist investing aims to change the corporate world, and therefore the world, for the better. An activist investor engages companies and influences their internal policies by getting a seat on the board of directors.

Obviously this can be a powerful way to influence corporate behavior. It requires incredible dedication, skill and insight.

Another way to influence a corporation is to choose an investment with a company that is already doing what you believe in. In this way, social activists can invest with their conscience to help bring about social and environmental change.

These types of activists can invest in companies that develop renewable energy assets which ultimately displace fossil fuel consumption. In this way, activists can change companies from within and support those whose products displace harmful products and produce clean energy.

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Socially Responsible Investment

Social activist investors are guiding trillions of dollars of investment in the United States. According to a trends report published by the USSIF, there has been a more than 10-fold interest in environmental investment for activists interested in Sustainable, Responsible and Impact investing (SRI) over the last two decades. By some measures, this represents more than $8 trillion dollars of investments allocated along SRI principles.

Several major points behind an activist seeking socially responsible investment are:

  1. getting a return on an investment
  2. making the world better for people who are at risk
  3. making the earth a healthier place to live

Early practice of SRI may be found The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), who felt the slave trade were objectionable and said its members should not participate in buying or selling people. Also, more than 200 years ago, a Methodist sermon called the Use of Money outlined not harming your neighbour through good business practices and avoiding harmful chemical use, as well as avoidance of investing in companies with harmful products.

There are many great places these days for activist investors seeking both social and environmental impact. Forces in the world unfolding in real time that must immediately be met head-on are:

  1. world energy demand is rising. Second- and third-screens (such as cellphones and other personal electronics such as smart watches) all require energy
  2. world population growth shows no signs of declining and all those people need power
  3. blockchain currency mining is expected to match today’s entire world output of electricity within just a few years
  4. many major automobile manufacturers have announced a commitment to replacing or producing in parallel to existing fuel-based cars, electric cars

While personal behaviours are the fundamental key to reducing world consumption, there are a number of ways investing in renewable energy helps meet SRI criteria. Sun Fund investment makes it easy because:

  1. anyone who can invest in our FINRA-member platform with our SEC-registered offer is welcome
  2. you don’t need to spend cryptocurrency to do it
  3. you bring all the SRI benefits of renewable energy investment to the world

d) you can participate in fossil fuel divestment if you’re presently holding fossil fuel stocks

e) Sun Fund places a 250KW project somewhere in the world for every 1MW we develop – this displaces costly, risky, environmentally-unfriendly diesel fuel supply chains and replaces them with less expensive renewable energy projects that can serve 250 families

Sun Fund helps activists meet their goal of sustainably investing their conscience while investing in a proven business model with experienced management.