Renewable energy bitcoin mining is coming to Sun Fund, a Connecticut-based renewable energy company.
Renewable Energy Bitcoin Mining
Sun fund is conducting an offer.Now you can be part of a company adding profitably-specified renewable energy projects into a portfolio backing a cryptocurrency. That cryptocurrency is backed, in part, by renewable energy bitcoin mining operations co-located with our renewable energy projects (where it makes economic sense).
Why does the world need Sun Fund?
1) Cryptocurrency mining threatens the environment
2) Investors need exposure to early stage innovation
3) The world’s energy demand has been increasing
4) Solar energy investment has been increasing

You’ll get exposure to upside from all of this in Sun Fun’s offer, here: our

Your Sun Fund gives you:

  1. Renewable energy bitcoin mining is co-located with renewable energy projects, so that the coins mined don’t create pollution.
  2. Exposure to the renewable energy sector, which is growing and becoming more efficient.
  3. Exposure to a blockchain, Internet-of-Things company serving a vastly under-appreciated market made accessible only with fintech disintermediation technology. This isimportant becauseblockchain technology empowers global scalability.
  4. A socially responsible investment. (Which crypto of yours does this? —->)For every 1 megawatt of solar capacity we build, we develop and install a solar project for a community in need (we are currently building a solar array for a small village in rural Haiti) to help get people off of an expensive fossil-fuel supply chain, freeing up their money and time to foster personal or professional development for all people.
  5. A clean technology investment.
  6. Exposure to a start-up with experienced management, a proven track record.
That’s in addition to producing clean, renewable energy and opening up a mostly-untapped market of small to mid-sized renewable energy investment for investors, producers and consumers.
Sun Fund: The Cleanest Bitcoin in the World

Sun Fund is creating a proprietary renewable energy-based algorithmic cryptocurrency mining model. That means we will be harvesting the sun’s energy to power our growing cryptocurrency mining operations. (Energy costs eat away at bitcoin mining profits as computers need to work harder to mine a token or coin as the difficulty level increases). Our coin trading algorithm shifts our mining focus in and out of various cryptocurrencies, to make sure Sun Fund investors are getting the most bang for the buck. Cryptocurrencies we mine are then held along with profitable solar projects in a segregated portfolio, which backs the value of The Sunny.

We also develop profitable solar projects – and as you can read just about anywhere, solar is now profitable (especially for Sun Fund, since we’re vertically integrated and only select the most profitable projects for our growing portfolio).

In the bigger picture, the demand for energy has split from the population curve as each person demands more energy usage amidst new cryptocurrencies that require more work as people “mine” (or factor) blockchains, in addition to consumer products such as electric cars and electronic devices and battery storage for industrial applications of solar energy.

Our solar projects displace legacy-fueled electricity applied to all human activity, and also are specified as being profitable at the onset.

Our electricity buyers — utilities and so forth — are generally investment-grade and those investments are secured by 20-year contracts as well as the hard assets of the project.

About Sun Fund
Sun Fund has a 50 Megawatt pipeline of renewable energy assets that are ready to build as capital is brought into the company. One project has already been brought in from our offer.
Sun Fund was co-founded by Michael and Scott Licamele, brothers who grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut. Michael’s experience is mainly in real estate finance and Scott’s is mainly in emerging capital markets. They have raised more than $1 billion dollars in financing across a variety of investment platforms worldwide in their careers, and through Sun Fund, they have developed and sold more than $70 million of profitable solar projects since 2014.