Environmentalist investors can now invest their conscience as they would votetheir conscience.

Sun Fund is pleased to offer environmentalist investors entry into the abundant, growing, clean-energy sector. Environmentalists can haveboth environmental impactand a socially responsible investment.

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Lets Talk About Money: Renewable Energy Growth for Environmental Investments

Solar is leading the way for renewable energy growth in the United States:

Total solar electricity generation averaged an estimated 211,000 MWh/d in 2017. EIA projects that it will reach 246,000 MWh/d in 2018 and 294,000 MWh/d in 2019.

The majority of Sun Fund’s work is in solar energy projects.

Let’s Talk About Sun Fund

Renewable energy projects are about to offer a level of transparency and integrity and accessibility never-before-seen to institutional, accredited and non-accredited investors thanks to blockchain technology and Sun Fund’s Producer-to-Investor Platform.

Why is now a good time to give yourself upside exposure to renewable energy?

  1. Solar panels are more efficient than ever
  2. Technology is making it easier to integrate decentralized renewables into the grid
  3. The outlook for energy storage acceptance even in highly regulated markets is improving (ie, reports say the New York City Fire Department is taking steps towards approving battery storage systems for renewables to make NYC a cleaner city).

Import tariffs were levied on solar panels, but the scope of those tariffs affect projects that have smaller profit margins such as in states where energy prices are low and the projects have a larger number of panels that would add up.

Sun Fund projects do not have that problem. Sun Funds vertically integrated business model includes profitability that does not rely wholly, or even in large part, on this difference in solar panel price; therefore the costs are easily absorbed in our projects and we can maintain profitability. Our under-20-megawatt renewable energy projects that are located where energy prices are higher can handily absorb industry fluctuations of fixed costs.

Sun Fund only specifies profitable projects due to the payment arrangements we make with the people who buy energy from us.

We also place a 250KW project somewhere the world needs it most when we build out 1MW of energy in the US. So we help meet Socially Responsible Investment goals for individuals and institutions.

To recap, an environmentalist investment in Sun Fund is:

  • Participation in a growing sector that helps meet increasing world energy demand by everyone, for everyone.
  • An impact investment, displacing fossil fuel production.
  • A green investment, providing clean energy in a globally-scaleable platform.
  • A blockchain technology investment in a system that incentivizes energy producers, investors, and consumers alike to adopt renewable energy projects.
  • An abundant investment, with exposure to blockchain-based, decentralized, scaleable, global growth.
  • And finally, an environmental investment based on a profitable business with proven management and committment to investors, growth and the environment that has completed more than 50MW in projects so far.