Fossil Fuel Divestment

Impact investors want two things, for the most part: to get upside exposure to impact investment – such as in fossil fuel divestment — and to make sure the company they’ve chosen is also a socially responsible investment as well. It should be good for the Earth and humanity as well.

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From Fossil Fuel Divestment to Green Investment

Most everyone with investments can replace stocks representing companies that produce harmful carbon emissions with those that do not. (Check out Sun Fund’s offer hereĀ for an offer that gives a fossil fuel divestment opportunity featuring exposure to renewable energy AND blockchain technology!)

Does Going Green Get You More Green?

There are a number of studies pointed to here sponsored by major financial institutions that show that sustainable, environmental impact investing is a way to actually to both enhance financial returns and reduce risk in investment.

The reason some may feel motivated towards fossil fuel divestment is that those carbon emissions have been proven to cause increasing global warming. Many scientists agree that there is a tipping point at which the Earths climate may begin a rapid acceleration of global warming that will have disastrous effects.

Green is Red, White and Blue

This is no partisan issue, and it is no issue that any system of belief alone can solve. Even the US Department of Defense published a document called the “Climate Change Adoption Roadmap” so that they could adequately plan for the practical problems unfolding in real-time from climate change.It may be found here.

Important Factors in Socially Responsible Investment-as-Fossil Fuel Divestment

There are a number of ways to consider investments as acceptable for even institutional fossil fuel divestment efforts – things to look for might be:

  1. Social Impact: Investments that directly impact people for the better
  2. Environmental Impact: Investments that make the world a healthier place to live
  3. Growth Market: The renewable energy sector has been growing with solar leading the way due to greater efficiencies in solar panels.
  4. Corporate Governance: Making sure that the corporation has the right policies in place that guide corporate behaviors investors expect.

Sun Fund has built more than 50MW of renewable energy projects and has more than 100 booked for this year. We have a proven business model and experienced management that knows how to develop renewable energy projects in highly regulated markets. The portfolio of projects involved with our blockchain will be independently audited, further enhancing our committment to good corporate governance. We deliver a 250KW renewable energy project to a less developed country for every 1MW we deliver in the US.

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