Tips on How to Find the Best ICO to Invest In

Note: Sun Fund is conducting a two-for-one Pre-ICO offering.
For details see full offering statement here.

With everyone looking for the best ICO to invest in, we’d like to suggest some quick tips to help you find the best ICO offering. The first step is to read the ICO white paper which can be found on the issuing company’s website. You can read the Sun Fund white paper here. A white paper describes how the proposed cryptocurrency token will be developed as well as its use cases. If the use cases in the ICO white paper are clearly defined and are scalable, you may have found the best ICO to invest in. Will the proposed ICO token be used by enough people to justify the global scalability of the token? If the answer is yes, then it is likely that you may have found the best ICO to invest in. An ICO white paper will also help you determine if the ICO offering is worth investing in and whether a new ICO coin will perform in 2018.

Because it’s very difficult to find the best ICO to invest in only by reading a white paper, it’s also a good idea to look at an ICO review site which will provide initial coin offering reviews. An ICO review site provides independent reviews of new ICO coins, ICO white papers and ICO presale information. Another way to find the best upcoming ICO is to scan popular cryptocurrency news sites which provide details on cryptocurrency for sale, live ICO offerings and any upcoming ICO’s. Another important step in selecting the best ICO to invest in is to focus on how to buy ICO tokens. Find out if you can participate in an ICO presale, which might offer better terms to early-stage investors in the best upcoming ICO. Be sure to also check out the team developing the ICO project. Is the team experienced? Have they ever run their own business? Since the technology is new, there are no ICO “experts,” but if a team has successfully started businesses in the past, it is a pretty good indication that you may have found the next hot crypto ICO and the best ICO to invest in.