You’ve heard about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies and want to get in on the action, so you need to know how to invest in ICO events.

You can join in the rworld of cryptocurrencies whether you’re going to be a long-term HODLer or a short-term day-trader. With planning and patience, you can learn how to invest in ICO events, have some fun, and even make friends along the way.

You’re going to need some combination of cryptocurrency and/or regular (Fiat) currency. Open an account on an exchange like Bitfinex ( and also, have either cash in a separate account ready to wire someplace AND a cryptocurrency wallet holding Bitcoin or Ethereum, because usually ICOs take crypto in exchange for their new token. (Youll be the proud owner of an altcoin, which is basically any cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin.) (Sun Fund has an offer, check it out.)

The company doing the ICO takes in everyone’s money up to a certain point, then they release the tokens to the account holders. Make sure to see at what point the token is exchangeable after they give it to you, and try to see whether there’s been a PreICO before the ICO that the PreICO holders may benefit from.

(Millions upon millions of dollars have been stolen from individuals and exchanges since the cryptocurrency craze started: shield yourself from all kinds of theft, financial, identity, and otherwise with separate accounts as much as you can before getting started. Also, try investing in registered offers on platforms that are regulated or registered with either non-governmental entities like FINRA, or governmental entities like the SEC.)

Heres how to invest in ICO events if…

Someones Telling You to How to Invest in ICO Events They’re Already Part Of

Also, you may know a person or two that has done very well for themselves and are egging you to buy some crypto. Do your own research to see whether a crypto investment is even right for you at all. Consult with a financial professional. Remember: It is your money at stake, not theirs. They may be pressuring you thinking that they need more HODLers to legitimize their stake in crypto. That’s their problem, not yours.

You Like People and Going to Meetings

If you go to cryptocurrency meet-ups in your area, you may find some issuers doing what amounts to a trunk show where they raise money from people directly within your state. The SEC allows this kind of activity within limits: They may offer to sell you some BTC or their token at a premium (ie. 10% over market exchange rate) on the spot just to get you in the game.

On Meetup and Eventbrite there are all kinds of crypto meetups. Many are free. You can go and see if you like and trust what these people have to say.

You are Adept at Social Media

There are many communities online and people to follow on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to read and understand each set of rules per forum so you don’t get kicked out our shamed for not knowing the rules. You can get both useful real-time information in addition to very self-serving high-pressure posts: stay frosty.

If You Can Do Your Own Research but Just Want A Calendar or a Checklist of How to Invest in ICO Events

ICO Calendars will feature PreICO and ICOs that are going to launch or be launched in the near future. They may ask you to pre-register and request information. Examples:

Usually, the instructions for how to invest in ICO events are fairly clear, although steps towards registering or investing may be cumbersome.

The crypto world is making it as easy as possible for you to invest. Observe yourself as you go through this process as closely as you would observe others, and verify not only their assumptions but also yours as you grow in your knowledge of how to invest in ICO events.