Your path to researching your next, new ICO Coin might start with a survey of some of the ICO Listing sites.

There are many new ICO coin listing sites, but they may not necessarily all have the same information due to simply, being away from their desks to perform the updates, being understaffed, or somehow otherwise shut down. (You can always Google a sites name to try to catch any online buzz about it.)

Youll want to make sure to verify all information on any of these listings yourself. In our experience most try to make sure the information is accurate. Still, you must perform your own study of what is true about any offer listed on any ICO listing site. (We make no warranty or claim about any of these sites.)

As you go through these listing sites, notice a few things:

  1. Do they evaluate a cryptocurrency themselves or do they copy someone elses evaluation. If so, whose? What is the basis of that evaluation?
  2. Do they offer a competing cryptocurrency product and vie for your attention that way ie. are they just listing so they can ultimately present themselves as the best choice?
  3. Many have different features, but the features they usually have in common are:

a) white paper listing

b) Start / Finish dates of the ICO

c) Minimum/Maximum Cap

d) ICO launching team

e) Competition

f) Road Map

g) team

Sometimes, the information on an investment platform can change while the ICO listing has dated or inaccurate information. Its important to contact the ICO issuer if you have any trouble discerning what the best source of information is. That point of contact will also help you learn something about the offeror as well: Are they available? Do they answer you with care in a timely fashion? Do they give good answers?

Some of these sites will offer an independent review of an ICO if enough people indicate interest. They will also review a new ICO coin for a fee.

Youll want to see what ICOs are happening and coordinate that event for when youll have the investment amount youd like to use in cash, BTC, ETH or another crypto available to transfer and be part of an ICO. It may seem like a minor concern now, but sometimes exchanges can get bogged down when a lot of people are changing currencies.

You may need to join a White List – a pre-approved, limited number of people who can get early exposure to a new ICO coin.

Happy hunting!