What is the Sunny

Sun Fund is tokenizing the renewable energy sector with the Sunny, an asset-backed, blockchain infrastructure (Internet of Things, or IoT) technology built on Sun Fund’s proven, business model of vertically-integrated, profitably-specified renewable energy projects.

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Sun Fund, IoT and the Sunny: Blockchain Besties

Sun Fund consists of three interwoven systems:

  1. An asset-backed digital token that creates a digital currency with real value from revenue-generating, profitably-specified renewable energy assets.
  2. A Producer-to-Investor Platform (PIP) application provides a decentralized Peer-to-Peer platform which revolutionizes the renewable energy project investment process. Investors will find it easier to make informed decisions about a variety of projects in which they can invest fractionally or wholly. It also makes investing in renewable energy projects less-expensive and globally open to everyone.
  3. An inbound-data hardware Internet of Things (IoT) Oracle functionality connects solar inverters to the Sun Fund Blockchain using data channels.

Asset-Backed & In Your Hand

Sun fund has already brought a renewable energy project into the portfolio of projects backing The Sunny.

Unlike most electricity and renewable energy blockchain projects, Sun Fund is focused on building an asset-backed token to connect investors directly with renewable energy producers. Sun Fund’s decentralized applications will allow investors and producers to interact on level ground for the first time, eliminating the disincentives from the current system.

In Phase I, Sun Fund is creating the first SEC-compliant token that is backed by revenue-generating renewable energy assets. Because it is asset-backed, the token will become established as a digital currency that serves as a true store of value. Sun Fund will manage the portfolio of renewable energy assets backing the token, reinvesting revenue generated from the portfolio, so that the value of the token will grow over time.

Sun Fund may add additional tokens as additional assets are added.

In Phase II, Sun Fund’s plan is to roll out its Producer-to-Investor Platform (PIP) that will connect investors with renewable energy project producers. The Sun Fund token will serve as a medium of exchange on this platform. Sun Fund will begin building its portfolio with solar projects, and then expand to other renewable technologies such as wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and battery storage.

The PIP can assume existing and new renewable energy production facilities. This provides a market potential in the trillions of dollars.

In Phase III, Sun Fund will build an inbound-blockchain hardware oracle platform that connects inverters on an IoT platform with the Sun Fund blockchain. Investors will be able to receive actionable, real-time investment performance data they need to make informed investment decisions. Solar power producers will also be able to develop performance records that are documented on the Sun Fund blockchain, facilitating the P2P investment process.

By this time, blockchain technologies are projected to have improved to the point where the Sun Fund token can be used globally, cheaply and as easily as any other digital transaction.

As each phase is realized, the Sunny token will grow, earning trust through performance and increased adoption.

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