Among the conventions for learning about upcoming cryptocurrency offers in the cryptocurrency world is to use an Upcoming ICO List. These at minimum show start/finish dates of offers and may offer other useful information about a token offering.

An Upcoming ICO List is different from an upcoming ico platform, such as StartEngine, where we host our offer.

In our experience, an upcoming ICO list is updated manually by the ICO offeror. Offers can change over time w/amendments, so make sure to always check back with the source wherever the offer is being made to see if any changes have taken place at the offerers main website that might not be updated at an upcoming ICO list.

An upcoming ICO list may also appear to take information off of official platforms: these may be interesting aggregators of information, but they also fork metrics for offerers making accurate calibration of investor sentiment inaccurate if the relationship is not official.

Remember: these sites are not necessarily authoritative. They should be viewed as secondary sources of information. You should rely on primary sources and develop your direct understanding of what an ICO is doing by participating in the offerer’s platform, reading their offering document, white paper, and whatever other primary materials they are publishing. (As a side note: some ICOs may not be very clear about who ultimately controls the money once it goes in. Be sure to see if that is transparent. SEC-registered offers on FINRA regulated platforms likely afford this clarity to investors and that is not always if ever indicated on an upcoming ICO list you may find.)

There are quite a few upcoming ICO list website/services that feature opening and closing dates of ICOs as a staple of information, but these websites can also vary greatly to the extent they add value to the time you put into visiting their site. Some say they only accept money directly from offerers for reviews: Be sure to see how the upcoming ICO list youre looking at makes their money: from offerers, website advertising, or other services being offered to the ICO community?

These listing services may add value by performing evaluations of ICOs based on a variety of factors including verifying team members (usually just making sure their LinkedIn profile is attached), white paper plausibility, social media performance, and more.

Here are websites hosting upcoming ICO list information:


Founded in 2016, Coinschedule’s mission is to make it easy for users to find the best ICOs to join. We strive to provide useful and transparent information on ICOs, helping users find projects that have a great potential for success.

ICO Countdown

ICOCOUNTDOWN.COM gives spotlight to new crypto projects with a focus on crowdfunding methodology, ICOCOUNTDOWN.COM also conducts due diligence to ascertain viability of these projects. Welcome to the future.

Token market

This is a curated calendar of token sales. Get alerted before a token sale opens. TokenMarket team moderates the list. Listing is free.

Crypto Compare

CryptoCompare was founded at the start of 2014 when we started developing a basic proof of concept crypto comparison website (under the url Wegot fundedin November 2014 and both Charlie Hayter and Vlad Cealicu left their jobs to work full time on building CryptoCompare. With an initial May deadline to go live, the website was finally released to the public in late July 2015.The Company is based in London, UK and part of the core team isworking from the London office but we have employees in Romania, Portugal, Germany, and Hungary.

Theres a lot of information out there, and it can be complicated. Try to build some kind of notebook or spreadsheet application so you can keep track of all the details that are important to you so that youll have the best upcoming ICO list at your fingertips, all the time: The one that helps you meet your goals.