As the global solar industry continues to grow at a healthy pace, tech startups are seizing an opportunity by developing blockchain-enabled investment platforms combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) to accelerate investment in the sector, with the ultimate goal being to speed up the fight against climate change. Internet of Things (IoT) is a cornerstone of Sun Fund’s distributed ledger solar investment platform because it allows for the real-time integration and analysis of solar asset performance data on an immutable blockchain which enables investors to analyze the historical performance data of a solar project with much lower due diligence costs and greater efficiency.

The basic idea is that solar production data recorded on a blockchain eliminates (or materially reduces) the risk that the data can be manipulated and that, in turn, allows for the creation of a trustless solar investment ecosystem. Because solar assets are physical and spread out in many locations, the world needs IoT to connect them to the blockchain. The trick is to record the data in such a way that investors can be confident the data is standardized, accurate and immutable. Achieving this will open up investment into undercapitalized sectors of the global solar market. Such segments include commercial, industrial and small utility-scale projects.

Sun Fund is developing a proprietary machine learning-enabled IoT interface with our blockchain investment platform – the Producer-to-Investor Platform (PIP). Our goal is to employ the “golden triad” of blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence. Our technology will increase investment into projects that are generally overlooked by larger institutional investors.

We are developing algorithms which will analyze both project-specific performance data as well as the financial performance of solar assets. Our objective is to provide everyday investors with an easy way to invest fractionally and directly in solar projects globally.

Sun Fund’s global vision is to fight climate change by accelerating investment into the solar sector. Internet of Things (IoT) is a critical component of that process. To learn more about our investment offer, please visit