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Asset-Backed Cryptocurrency Event

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Sun Fund co-sponsored this asset-backed cryptocurrency event in New York City recently.

Sun Fund Co-Founders, brothers Michael and Scott Licamele, were asked to participate in the event because the company is establishing itself as a blockchain technology development leader for their asset-backed cryptocurrency token backed by renewable energy generation systems.

In addition to discussing blockchain technologies, the panel discussed legal and regulatory issues involving issuing tokens and current efforts to establish trading platforms in the coming months for tokens such as those being issued by Sun Fund.

Asset-backed cryptocurrency may theoretically escape some of the general up-and-down pattern of the cryptocurrency market. Asset-backed cryptocurrency may also take relatively more time to mature in price, if at all because in part real corporate profits may be reflected in the price of the cryptocurrency. As well, since these are ostensibly valuable assets, they make take some time to to be implemented, to build, be acquired or scale up to world-wide levels the cryptocurrency market has become accustomed to. On the other hand, since they may have real assets backing the crypto (which would have to be determined/confirmed by an independent, 3rd party auditor), the rise and fall of non-asset-backed cryptocurrencies may not affect an asset-backed cryptocurrency as much.

In terms of scalability, the cryptocurrency aspect is regarded as being part of what makes blockchain succeed: Since it gives liquidity to assets, investors benefit from a liquidity premium.

Whatever the cryptocurrency, the SEC has stated they view most cryptocurrencies as securities (like a stock) and not merely as utilities even if the offerer claims they are issuing a strictly-utility token. You can learn more about Sun Fund’s SEC-compliant offer here.